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September 19 | 7 – 8:30 PM


Carrie Fountain, Poet Laureate of the state of Texas, has been featured in Poetry Magazine, American Poetry Review, and The New Yorker. Her first collection, Burn Lake, was a National Poetry Series winner. Her second collection, Instant Winner, was published by Penguin Random House. Fountain’s debut novel for young adults, I’m Not Missing, was published by Flatiron Books (Macmillan). Her first children’s book, The Poem Forest, about the life and legacy of poet and ecologist W.S. Merwin, is forthcoming from Candlewick Press.

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Burn Lake Carrie Fountain

Burn Lake

Set in southern New Mexico, where her family’s multi­cultural history is deeply rooted, the poems in Carrie Fountain’s first collection explore issues of progress, history, violence, sexuality, and the self.


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Instant Winner Carrie Fountain

Instant Winner

The wry, supple poems in Carrie Fountain’s second collection take the form of prayers and meditations chronicling the existential shifts brought on by parenthood, spiritual searching, and the profound, often beguiling experience of being a self, inside a body, with a soul. 


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Im Not Missing Carrie Fountain

I’m Not Missing

It’s senior year, and Miranda Black’s best friend, Syd, has run away—suddenly and inexplicably, leaving behind nothing but a pink leopard print cell phone with a text message from the mysterious HIM. Everyone wants to know why Syd left, but the truth is, Miranda has no idea. 


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